ASE Academic Year 2015-2016 Opening Ceremony

7th Sep, 201515:17:42 PM GMT


Picture (from left to right): Interim Dean David Gbaguidi; ASE Founder and President, Leonard Wantchekon; Manager of Academic Affairs Clementina Alamou; Student Delegate, Appolinaire Appalo.


On September 4th, ASE students, faculty, and staff gathered for the opening ceremony of the 2015-2016 academic year. The ceremony kicked off with a speech from President and Founder of ASE, Léonard Wantchekon, in which he not only congratulated students and other members of the ASE community on the incredible progress the school made during its first year, but he also spoke of the potential for success in this upcoming academic year. He encouraged students from the first cohort to continue working hard, and he noted how impressed he was already by the motivation and determination shown by the second cohort during pre-academic courses such as the English and Math Summer Camps. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of students, whether in the MMES or MBA program or in their first or second year, working together and collaborating through activities such as study groups.

After Professor Wantchekon’s speech, a number of other staff members, including Interim Dean David Gbaguidi and Manager of Academic Affairs Clementina Alamou, spoke about the upcoming year with excitement and welcomed new students into the ASE community. After faculty and staff speeches, students introduced themselves by describing their motivation for attending ASE. Responses ranged from the great opportunities ASE provided for research, preparation for employment opportunities, and the drive to work towards a greater goal of pan-African development. Numerous students noted that they truly believed that ASE, by equipping young leaders with both technical training and critical thinking skills, is shaping the continent’s future.

Following speeches and student presentations, the ceremony shifted gears and continued with food, music, and dance late into the night. Certainly, students, faculty, and staff will carry the positive energy from the ceremony into the first week of classes and beyond for a successful and productive academic year. Find below some pictures from the night.

Group of attendees to the ceremony

Food was served as part of the celebration

Class of 2017 students

Students and staff celebrated together the start of a new academic year at ASE

The opening ceremony was an outdoors event and took place at ASE headquarters

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