ASE plays its first official football match

27th Oct, 201514:33:06 PM GMT


On Saturday, October 24th, ASE’s football team played its first official match against Calavi’s team. Unfortunately, the game resulted in a loss for ASE (7-0), as the opponent, a well-trained professional team, provided tough competition for the ASE Blue Devils. Despite the defeat, ASE players’ spirits remained high and the team never lost sight of the importance of teamwork and determination. Furthermore, ASE fans provided encouragement and support throughout the match, which greatly helped ASE students remain focused and optimistic.

It is now clear that whether the Blue Devils win or lose, the fans will always be there for the team. The Blue Devils will certainly carry the lessons learned and the support from the fans to their future matches.

Group picture of ASE Blue Devils


Group picture of Calavi’s team

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