English Presentation Club resumes at ASE

6th Nov, 201514:07:12 PM GMT


On November 5th, 2015, many ASE students convened for this year’s launch of the English Presentation Club, a completely student-led initiative that brings students together weekly and involves students presenting to their classmates on various topics. Patrice Yedomiffi and Victor Zannou started the club last year with the aim of both improving students’ English speaking and presentation skills and fostering a sense of teamwork among students.

During the first meeting of the 2015-2016 academic year, Yedomiffi and Zannou welcomed students and spoke about the importance of strong presentation skills both for academic and professional purposes. Additionally, the Class Secretary for the Class of 2016, Appollo Appollinaire, spoke briefly about the hard work required to improve students’ English levels. Next, Mohamed Barro and Marietou Sanogo volunteered to give presentations on their summer experiences. Barro spoke to students about his summer internship with Innovations for Poverty Actions (IPA) in Burkina Faso and Sanogo spoke about her short-term consultancy with the World Bank in Ghana. The presentations not only included interesting information about the technical work both of the students performed, but also provided useful information about both organizations for students interested in pursuing similar opportunities in the future. For example, Sanogo’s presentation described in detail the role of a short-term consultant at the World Bank and how this position differs from a typical internship. Similarly, Barro spoke about IPA’s presence in West Africa.

At the end of both presentations, a panel of reviewers, including Tanzanian student Ansila Kweka and Princeton in Africa Fellows Sol Eskenazi and Zara Riaz, provided feedback on presentation styles and English grammar. Following the feedback sessions, students gathered to enjoy refreshments and mingle with one another after a successful first meeting.

Mohammed Barro and Marietou Sanogo volunteered to give presentations on their summer experiences

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