Financial Crises in Developing Countries: Origins, Specificities, and Resolution. Academic Research Seminar by Sam Aguey (ASE)

16th Oct, 201514:42:46 PM GMT


Professor Sam Aguey presented his paper titled “Financial Crises in Developing Countries: Origins, Specificities, and Resolution” for the weekly Academic Research Seminar, that took place last Tuesday October 13th.  Professor Aguey, who teaches Mathematics and Macroeconomics at ASE, spoke specifically on Twin Crises, financial and banking crises occurring simultaneously, in developing countries. He noted that these crises are often triggered by the non-regulation of massive flows of short foreign capital. Finally, he described the Dynamic General Equilibrium Model, which involves the adoption of a flexible exchange rate regime and a temporary increase of custom duties to potentially alleviate these crises.

The seminar was followed by a vivid Q&A session.

The seminar was well attended by MBA and MMES students

Still of Prof. Aguey’s presentation

Still of the Q&A session that followed Aguey’s presentation

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