Path and Experience of a Statistician. Professional Development Seminar by Ibnou Dieng (Africa Rice)

20th Oct, 201514:38:04 PM GMT


Picture: Dr. Ibnou Dieng (left) and Prof. Markus Olapade before the seminar

ASE students welcomed last October 9th Dr. Ibnou Dieng, Head of Data Integration and Biometrics at Africa Rice, who visited the School to participate in the Professional Development Seminar Series. Dr. Dieng delivered a powerful presentation in which he spoke on both about his path and experience as a statistician and biometrician as well as the general importance of sound data collection and analysis methods in the profession. Dr. Dieng highlighted the increasing importance of the African continent achieving self-sufficiency regarding rice production in the coming decade and described how statistical software such as R, ANOVA, and SAS, among others, can play powerful roles in data management, analysis, and forecasting in order to improve local rice production. Finally, Dr. Dieng also spoke about the non-technical skills and characteristics he believes one needs in order to succeed as a statistician. He noted that courage, humility, and passion- many of the characteristics that ASE seeks and promotes- were paramount to achieving both professional and personal success.

Dr. Ibnou Dieng holds a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Montpellier in France. He formally worked as a biometrician at CERAAS in Senegal where he was assigned to implement data collection and analysis activities in the socio-economic and agronomic field, before joining AGRHYMET in Niger, as an Expert Statistician where he was in charge of improving the methodologies of household surveys and data analysis, achieving capacity building activities for national partners of ECOWAS member states, leading collaborative projects  of implementation, monitoring, and evaluation at country level strategies for national surveys.  He currently works at Africa Rice as a Biometrician, leading the Data Integration and Biometrics Unit.

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