Professional Development Seminar by Roy Lindsey, Ron Carlon and Cyrille S. Ogun

9th Nov, 201514:11:24 PM GMT


Picture (from left to right): Cyrille S. Ogun (in grey), Roy Lindsey (in beige) and Ron Carlon (in blue) met Prof. Rachidi Kotchoni before the seminar started

Tuesday, November 3rd was a busy day at ASE with back to back seminars. After the Academic Research Seminar, ASE students welcomed three guests, Roy Lindsey, Ron Carlon, and former Ambassador of Benin to the United States, Cyrille S. Ogun for the Professional Development Seminar.

Lindsay spoke to students about his work regarding project development at the Molecular Group, also named TMG Environmental, which is an engineering firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that provides various engineering services and hazardous waste technology. He spoke of his background in microbiology and some of the challenges he faced such as discrimination as an African-American student. Lindsey noted that despite numerous challenges and setbacks, he wasn’t deterred from going after what he wanted.

Lindsey is driven to find people who love what they do and to bring them to his business, which is why he has partnered with his brother Ron Carlon who specializes in civil construction. During the seminar, Carlon briefly shared his background and experience in project management, and he also introduced students to the concepts of residual and linear income. He noted that linear income refers to your earnings gained from time expended working while residual income is not necessarily dependent on the hours you work but is a regular stream of income you continue to receive often long after an initial sale is made or a product is developed. Carlon stated that residual income supersedes linear, as it is more powerful and profitable. Finally, the former Ambassador encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them at ASE, such as innovative training sessions in leadership and research.

The seminar concluded with a question and answer session, in which all three speakers repeatedly emphasized the importance of hard work and motivation in overcoming contemporary development challenges across the African continent.


Ron Carlon met with some of ASE students


Prof. Markus Olapade and Rachidi Kotchoni greet Cyrille S. Ogun


Roy Lindsey is greeted after the seminar

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