SIER 2015: Second Week Starts in Grand Popo

14th Dec, 201516:20:52 PM GMT


The Summer Institute for Economic Research (SIER) Session 2 (Research Conference) started today in Ganna Hotel at Grand Popo. This session, which will serve as a platform for researchers to present their work, includes a total of eight panels: Finance, Econometrics, Development Finance, Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Economic Dynamics and Governance. In addition, it also includes a panel devoted to ASE Student Presentations from the Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES) program, Class of 2016. The Research Conference (Session 2) will last for three days and it will feature working papers by participants on selected topics such as political economy, development economics, and econometrics. Topics will be based on the leading policy challenges and debates in African countries.

Over fifty participants gathered in Ganna Hotel coming from all over Africa, the US, Canada and Europe to participate in SIER 2015. Before meeting in Grand Popo, the group visited Ouidah. The Summer Institute is co-sponsored by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) and its goal is to contribute to the establishment of networks of collaborative, multidisciplinary research and policy engagement involving African academics and policy makers. Session 3 will consist of a Policy Forum and will take place on Thursday December 17 and on Friday December 18 in Cotonou (Palais de Congres)

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Picture of panelists that participated in the opening day of Session 2. From left to right,Tite Yokossi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cedric Okou (ESG Finance, Université du Québec à Montréal), Pierre Nguimkeu (Andrew Young School of Economics, GSU), Leonard Wanchekon (ASE, Princeton University), Rachidi Kotchoni (ASE), Ismael Mourifie (University of Toronto), Kagba Kousse (ASE) and Damase Sossou (Prime Minister Office, Benin).

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