Admitted to a doctoral program at the University of Calgary, Sagbo Anicet Hounton appreciates ASE’s contribution

5th Aug, 202215:39:07 PM GMT


After completing his masters at the African School of Economics, Sagbo Anicet Hounton has just been admitted to the University of Calgary in Canada with a scholarship. For the academic year 2022-2023, he will continue his doctoral studies in economics.

The two years of masters training at the African School of Economics have helped Sagbo Anicet Hounton gain the skills necessary for his doctoral studies. Attentive and dedicated, the recipient of the scholarship from the University of Calgary was able to enrich his academic curriculum thanks to the ASE training program. From teaching assistant in econometrics to his participation in research projects, all his experiences accrued at ASE have been decisive for his admission. Sagbo Anicet Hounton says that:

“ASE’s most important contribution to this success is my selection in the pre-doctoral program. In this program, I was closely guided at every step of the application process: preparing for the standardized tests(GRE and TOEFL), writing an excellent statement of intent, and receiving financial support for application fees. I have also benefited from the help and support of my teachers, primarily
professors Gabor Nyéki and Ian Herffernan.”

During his university courses, he was exposed to a curriculum that from now on allows him to think as an economist. In his work, Anicet always thinks of ways to make optimal choices for society’s well-being. To do so, he takes data analysis skills to the next level by mainly expanding his knowledge in software like R and QGIS, STATA, and python.

While waiting to join the University of Calgary, Sagbo Anicet Hounton knows
precisely what he will do in his upcoming course of study. ” I am convinced that attending the economics program at the University of Calgary will make me achieve my educational goals,” believes the former student from the National School of Agronomic Sciences and Techniques of Ketou. He intends to gain knowledge from leading experts with the aspiration to contribute to the development of Africa through evidence-based policy making.

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