African School of Economics: Alexis Atchadé awarded a doctoral scholarship at the University of Houston

2nd Aug, 202212:51:21 PM GMT


The African School of Economics (ASE) continues its mission to produce qualified economists who are determined to excel at the international level. Alexis Atchadé, who has just completed the pre-doctoral program at ASE, obtained a scholarship for a doctoral program in economics at the University of Houston in the state of Texas in the United States.

Alexis chose the University of Houston because of its renowned economics department and, above all, the high-level courses the university offers in development economics. The work environment there also aligns perfectly with his career and academic goals, both short-term and long-term. After obtaining a high score in the BAC series C, Alexis received a scholarship to attend the School of Economics, Socio-Anthropology and Communication at the University of Abomey-Calavi (FSA) and obtained a bachelor’s degree in agroeconomics. He then enrolled in a master’s degree in mathematics, economics and statistics at the African School of Economics.

The rigorous training program at ASE has enabled Alexis Atchadé to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge that can be implemented using economic and statistical analysis tools. Alexis says :

“my journey at ASE was instrumental in my admission to the University of Houston… I was fortunate to be advised by qualified professors from the African School of Economics. They are very passionate in their respective fields and they are also involved in leading universities in the United States and Canada,”

Alexis, who joined ASE’s pre-doctoral program after completing his masters, adds that the pre-doctoral program provided invaluable support in preparing for the GRE and TOEFL exams, the two major US standardized tests required for American graduate programs. In addition, he developed necessary technical skills, such as the R analysis software, Stata. In his academic career, he held two research positions as a teaching assistant in microeconomics and a research assistant at the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy, focusing on topics such as “Improving the education system” and “Reducing violence by creating more inclusive economic opportunities for youth in Benin. Through his dynamic research experiences and the support of ASE, Mr. Atchadé developed a competitive application and won a scholarship to the University of Houston.

After his doctoral studies, Alexis has a two-pronged vision for social impact. He above all aspires to address socio-economic challenges by helping political leaders implement more effective programs for sustainable development. To achieve this, he plans to make economic theories and tools more accessible to students across Africa. Alexis will join Gefrey Alapini, another recent ASE graduate, at the University of Houston, increasing ASE’s representation in the great “lonestar” state of Texas.

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