African School of Economics Alum releases “Africa”

8th Dec, 202118:59:58 PM GMT


Created by a young American artist along with a Beninese artist Manzor, the song “Africa” quickly gained the hearts of musicians. Through this video available on Youtube and on local and international tv channels, the two artists highlight the Beninese culture.

His real name being Micah Didion, OMGAH is part of the graduating class of African School of Economics (ASE) in 2020 where he studied for Business Administration after completing a Bachelors in Economics at the University of Wisconsin in the US. After studying at ASE for two years, he received his Masters degree when he returned to the US to make use of his skills.

“Micah was a very curious student, he worked a lot and never hide his desire to learn”

said by Madame Clémentine Alamou, responsible for academic affairs at ASE. During his stay in Benin, which he describes beneficial to his career, OMGAH met young talents in Beninese music. When asked about his appreciation for Beninese music, his answer has no hesitation.

“The Beninese music scene is filled with talents. Nonetheless, the main obstacle that prevents the exposure of these talents lays in their financial means for success.”

With the lease of his record, the young artist takes up an important space in the Beninese musical arena and further. Musicians and cultural actors were impressed by the efforts of OMGAH and Manzor in the song “Africa”.

This melodic song “Africa” can be labeled under the Afropop genre, already popular within Africa and growing evermore on the international scene. Across this, the two artists aim to highlight the African culture and of course, the beauty of the landscape. In the music video, we discover the Collines Department, a region of mountains in South Benin. Originally from Madison, WI, located in the US, OMGAH released his first song “Take My Hand” in 2018. Since then, he has continued to develop his musical style in R&B/Pop. His releases, influenced by the “PLUGGnB” style, was produced by Thrillboy, MexicoDro and Xangang. OMGAH is continuing to write and record music, and plans to release even bigger hits with internationally renowned artists found across the world.

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