African School of Economics : Gefry Alapini joins the University of Houston for Doctoral Program

26th Jul, 202214:17:35 PM GMT


Beginning in August 2022, Gefry Alapini from the African School of Economics will start his doctoral studies at the University of Houston in the United States. He landed the admission after his master’s degree in mathematics, economics and statistics. In this article, the accomplished alumnus discusses the contribution of ASE to this success which allows him to carry out his courses of study.

The breakthrough of African School of Economics graduates into the top PhD programs in the world continues. For the 2022-2023 academic year, Gefry Alapini will enroll in the Political Science program at the University of Houston. Thanks to the support of ASE, he won admission with a scholarship to this prestigious American university. Two elements fundamentally motivated Gefry’s choice; the content of the training program which aligns with his academic goals and the working conditions offered by the university to its students.

The scholarship holder from the University of Houston pinpoints the contribution of the African School of Economics to his success in three ways.

“First, the master’s degree course syllabus reflects the standard for a PhD program in North American universities”

explains Gefry Alapini. The second part of the contribution of the ASE is the strong involvement of the students in research projects during his studies. In this capacity, he participated, among other things, in projects such as the socio-economic impact of Covid-19 on African economies, the reduction of violence among young people through the creation of more inclusive economic opportunities in Benin, and social cohesion and governance: case studies of Benin, Burkina-Faso and South Africa. These opportunities have allowed him to gain experience in research. Finally, he recognizes the immense support of Professor Leonard Wantchekon and other ASE professors, who through their recommendations have helped him through the admission process. The former student of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FASEG) of the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC) has accumulated field experience within InStaD, ex INSAE for data collection. At the end of his PhD in political economy, Gefry Alapini aims to devote himself to improving the governance systems of African countries.

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