Bringing African Scientists to the Forefront

23rd Jan, 202312:25:04 PM GMT


In December, 2022, the African School of Economics helped bring together some of the brightest minds in science and academic research to discuss the future of the African continent. Held at the African School of Economics, Abuja, Nigeria, the first annual Pan-African Scientific Research Conference, titled “Rethinking Africa’s Way Forward: Growth through Investments in Education, Technology and Health,” was co-hosted by the African School of Economics, African Union Development Agency- New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AUDA-NEPAD), and the Pan-African Research Scientific Research Council (PASRC).

A major presence at the event was Leonard Wantchekon, President of PASRC as well as the African School of Economics. Through collaboration between researchers, policy makers, and students, the conference intended to create sustainable initiatives for the future of the continent.

Taking place between December 12-14 at ASE Abuja as well as Reiz Continental Hotel, the conference began with highlights from cutting edge education research. Day 2 focused on technology and its intersection with education policy and economic growth. To cap off the conference, day 3 explored themes on sustainability and agricultural development.

Throughout the conference, there were also engaging industry specific workshops in mathematics, education, and agriculture , as well as workshops designed for career development for academics and researchers.

Keynote speakers included Dr. Aissa Wade, Professor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University, and Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, former Prime Minister of Niger and former CEO of AUDA-NEPAD. Through provocative talks, challenging discourse, and presentation of compelling research, participants and attendees were enabled to more clearly envision the pathway to a more unified and self empowered African continent.

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